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Do you know where his name came from?

Drago has become a very important and special member of our family at both home and the store. He is a very large yellow lab that just loves all the attention he is given. Do not be surprised if he meets you with his ball or Frisbee in his mouth wanting to play.


Drago gets up every morning with Steve and looks forward to going to the store with him. If Steve goes out on a service call Drago will stay and watch the store for him. When Steve gets back to the store Drago is at the door waiting for him with his ball ready to play. While the store is open Drago waits for the next customer to come with the hopes that Steve and the customer will say its okay to come out on the floor and play ball.

Now its not all work for Drago and Steve. At the end of the day Drago helps Steve close up the store and heads home after a busy day to just unwind and rest up for another day. Once they get home the first thing Drago will do is find his ball that he left in the yard earlier in the day. Needless to say its going to be a game of  catch for awhile. Its usually Steve's arm that tires first so they will head into the house to rest up and just unwind.

Drago will get a drink of water and perhaps lay down for a bit but it will not be long before he shows up with another ball and wants to play hide and seek. This is a game Drago loves to play. Steven will hide the ball somewhere and then send Drago to find it. Every once in awhile Steve will change the ball over and use treats for Drago to find. Needless to say this is one of Drago's favorite tricks. Once again this game will go on for awhile till Steve reminds Drago they have to get dinner ready. Drago realizing the importance of Steven having his dinner to keep his energy up will go into the other room and lay down while dinner is prepared.

Once dinner is over both Steve and Drago may sit and watch some television or head out in the yard to get some chores done. Needless to say you can not go out in the yard without another game of catch or Frisbee. Now life is not all work for Drago. On his days of rest from work Steve and Drago will head down to one of Drago's favorite spots, the marina. This is their home away from home. We do not know if Drago loves the boat or the beach more. Yes it does mean some time for ball, frisbee, playing with sticks, swimming both on the surface and diving for sticks.

Drago does have a tough life but he could not be any happier. Stop in and say hi or just to play with him. He will always be there waiting for you.

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Drago as a pup
A puppy needs his rest
A Man and his Dog
Drago on a search
Out for a walk
But Dad
Come on guys, launch us
Drago watching over gibbs
Drago is in his happy place
Watching the dock
Drago wants to see as well
Drago says lets go check the beach o
getting some sun
Lets play
Come on guys, the water is great
Come and get it
Can I dive yet
I got it
The need for speed
I want to feel the air in my hair
Caryl and Drago
Protecting dads boat
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