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What is agility you ask. Its a sport that is run in the ring with both the dog and handler. The handler guides the dog over a bunch of obstacles that will consist of jumps, dog walk, A frame, tunnels, and a special tire. It is a timed event that has to be ran under a designated standard course time and depending on the level you are running may have to be fault free.



What Conformation all about. The best I can explain, it is were you go in a ring with your dog and both you and the dog try to look pretty.  Okay so there is more to it than that. It is a competition for pure breed dogs were they are judge on their appearance and how close they are to the standards for their breed. You are first judged with only others from your breed and if you win that group you advance to group that your breed falls into. If you win that group you earn points towards your championship. Once you get a set amount of points you earn your title and championship. There is a lot of other stuff but this is a brief explanation.



Rally is another sport where the handler directs the dog thru a preset course. They follow signs with different maneuvers the team has to perform. Points are deducted for maneuvers that are not performed properly. As the levels progress the maneuvers are harder and performed off leash.

Fast Cat


Fast Cat is most easily described as a drag race. The course is a 100 yard straight run that the dog chases a line with trash bags attached to it. It is a timed event  Two people are involved, one releases the dog at the start line and another catches the dog at the finish line. Points are awarded by you time and a handicap system is used for the dogs size.

If your dogs likes to run and chase, this is a sport for you to try.

Why we do it ?


You ask why we do it? There are many reasons, but the simple answer is because we enjoy doing it with our pups. It gives us a chance to do something we all enjoy. Sure we could do the usual and throw a ball or a stick and have them chase it but that only last so long. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that but doing these additional things keep us involved with our pup a lot longer. There is constant training as well as the weekend trials. It also gives us a chance to meet others that are also involved with the sport.

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