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Why I Created This Site

Over the years I have been posting videos of our runs from trials on Facebook and have had quite a few people comment they enjoy watching them. The problem with Facebook is they can get lost after awhile. I decided to create this site so they would be easy to locate. It will also provide some information on the team as well as some information on the sport with links to sites that may be useful to you.

Some Information on how the team started

Caryl and I have had quite a few dogs over the fifty plus years we have been married. In 2011 we lost our lab Kaos and then eight days later we lost our collie Dakota. We decided we would wait till we both retired before we would get another dog. Well in 2013 I had an opportunity to retire and decided it was time to get another dog. At first, Caryl resisted but finally gave in. We started our search and found Ziva who was a bit timid so Caryl decided to try agility with her.
As the time went by we talked about it and decided to get another puppy. We went back to the same breeder and after looking at several pups we decided Ace was going to be the new member of the family. When Ace became old enough we decided to put him in agility classes as well. Caryl originally trained both dogs in class but as the time went by I was talked into working with Ziva. Well next thing you know I entered our first trial and I was hooked.

Well that turned out to be the start of Team Collies.

Hopefully you will enjoy the site as much as we enjoy competing with the team.

                                   Butch, Caryl, and the Team Collies

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