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Call Name:  Ellie

Registered Name: Van M A Black Pearl For Jersey

DOB: 03/28/2021

Sport participated in:  Agility, Rally



Breed:  Collie, Rough  Black White/Tan

Breeder:  Laura Van Embden - Van-M Collies

CPE Titles:
NADAC Titles:

Titles: 6
Titles: 7

Major Events: 2023 CCA Nationals - Agility, 2024 CCA Nationals-Rally,

Ellie joined the family in 2021. She joined the rest of the pups in training and showed a lot of potential in the ring. Once Ace was diagnosed with Cancer we decided to retire him. With Ellie doing so well we started trialing her once she was of age. We started her in preferred to allow her to adjust to trialing. She did great earning her novice titles very quickly. As she started getting comfortable in the ring we decided to move her to her regular class. Well that is when things took a turn. Ellie had an accident and pooped in the ring.

This started the journey of ring stress and refusal to run. We tried different things to get her over it but things only got worse. Caryl decided to stop competing with her and only did classes. I always felt she would come back and decided once she was enjoying class class I would try running her for fun during trials. We have recently started entering her in one event a day and run with a toy. So far this has been a success. Time will tell how far we can go.

Well agility is not the only thing she does. Caryl started Rally but the stress is also in the ring there. She has earned her Novice and intermediate title but Caryl is holding of on moving her up till she works more with her. We decided to let her play in fast CAt. Well Miss Ellie loves it. After our first attempt we were not sure, she hid behind the stewards legs and Caryl had to run with her. I think Caryl was faster. Something clicked after that run and Ellie has turned out to be the star. She barks and howls and pulls on the lead the minute she realizes we are at an event. She has earned her BCAT and has set a personal best every time she runs. She is currently at 22.04 MPH.

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