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Call Name:  Ziva

Registered Name: Van M Moonlit Dance to Jersey

DOB:  Jan. 11, 2013

Sire: Wicani Waltz of the New Moon

Dam: Van-M Flamenco

Breeder:  Laura Van Embden - Van-M Collies

Sports participated in:  Agility, Rally

Breed:  Collie, Rough  Sable Merle/White

CPE Titles: Catch3 / CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, ChWC, ChJU, ChSN, ChCL, ChST, ChFH, ChJP
NADAC Titles:

Titles: 19
Titles: 26
Titles: 22

Major Events: 2018 CCA Nationals-Agility, 2018 CPE Nationals-Agility, 2024 CCA Nationals-Rally

In 2013 I had a chance to retire and decided it was time. After going almost two years without having a pup in the family I told Caryl I thought it was time to get another puppy. At first it did not go over well but after several discussions Caryl asked what type of pup I was thinking of. Losing both Kaos and Dakota so close in time, I had a hard time deciding what type of pup I really wanted. One thing I knew at the time was I could not get another lab. I told Caryl I was actually thinking a Collie. Well that changed things and the search started. We finally found a breeder in New Jersey and made the trip to see what pups she had. Once we saw Ziva the decision became a bit easier and she came home with us.

Well now we have a puppy and I still have to work for about six weeks. We really did not want to leave a pup home for almost ten hours so the decision was easy. Take her to work with me, after all what would they do fire me. I had an office so we could spend our time in there and be out of the way. Well that didnt turn out the way I thought it would. Every time I turned around I had someone stopping in to see the puppy. When ever I had to attend a meeting which was quite often, I was told to bring Ziva. Let me tell you, she attended a few really important meetings and was part of some pretty important decisions.  As any supervisor can tell you there is always this one employee who was not the ideal employee and yes I had one of them as well. His job assignment was lawn maintenance for awhile and as we all know puppies have to get out often. Every once in awhile we would be rushed for time and I may have missed a thing or two. He may have been the only person who did not like Ziva.

Ziva's Agility adventures started in 2014. We took her to a open house at Skyline Agility Club in Middletown, New York. Obviously Ziva was not sure of the equipment but with the assistance of a club member we did get her to try a few of them. We decided to sign Ziva up for class and see how she did. Well this turned out to be quite an adventure but Ziva was proud of what she could do. I built some equipment and would work with her during the day while Caryl was at work. After awhile we added Ace to the team. Once he was old enough Caryl entered him in classes as well. Next thing I knew I was handling Ziva and Caryl was working with Ace.

Zivas first trial was a NADAC trial at Skyline in 2015. We did not Q but had some really nice runs. That was the start of Ziva's Agility career. Next thing I knew we entered Ziva into a CPE trial. Ziva went five for six at that trial and earned her first title. After trialing awhile we decided to enter her into a AKC ACT trial. Ziva earned her first ACT2 Title. Our journey in AKC  started that day. Over the years we had a few issues with the teeter but Ziva always came back. In 2017 we decided to drop Ziva down to preferred in AKC since we were struggling making time.  In 2019 I was able to run Ziva as a veteran which had us running at 16: in all venues.

During Ziva's agility career she earned 67 titles over three venues. She earned three Catch's and 7 championships in CPE. In AKC she had numerous title in Regular class and then quite a few in Preferred. She had 8 double Q's towards her PACH. For the last few years Ziva would show a limp on and off that we could find no reason for. We decided to have a full workup done on her and found out she was showing signs of arthritis and some back issues. We tried a few different things with her but was not happy with the outcome. In 2022 I ran Ziva in her final agility run. Ziva was having a rough day so I cut it short. She still wants to play on some of the equipment but we limit what she does. As long as she gets her treat she is happy.

When we lost Ace in 2023 and then Drago, Ziva's best bud a few weeks later Ziva went into a depression that had all us worried. She wouldn't play and did not want to travel with us. She stayed in the other room away from all of us. In 2023 Caryl started Rally training with Gibbs and Ellie. One day she took Ziva out just to do some rally and it was the start of a new job for Ziva. She came in the house a new pup. She was playing agin and out with us all the time. She even wanted to travel with us again. In November of 23 we ended up entering Ziva, Ellie and Gibbs in a Rally trial at the Thanksgiving Cluster in Springfied, Mass. This is a very large trial held thanksgiving week. Well Ziva turned out to be our start and Q'd both days. Ziva was on her way to a new career. To date she has earned her Novice and Intermediate Title and is working on her advanced tittle.

We do not know how long Ziva will be able to do Rally but will let her as long as her health permits. She is trully a champion and has a heart of gold. Ziva was the start of team Collies and will always be a part of it, even when she stops competing. We will let her travel with us as long as she wants. The first time we saw her we knew she was spacial and she has shown it over and over. There were days she did not want to do something but because I asked her she would try.

Thank you Ziva for being the great dog and team mate that you are. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

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