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Call Name:  Gibbs

Registered Name: Van M Capture the Moon For Jersey

DOB: 06/30/2017

Sport participated in:  Agility, Rally

Sire: Van-M Hold a Candle

Dam: Van-M Report of the New Moon

Breed:  Collie, Rough Sable Merle/White

Breeder: Laura Van Embden -  Van-M Collies

CPE Titles: Catch / CL1, CL2, CL3
NADAC Titles:

Titles: 22
Titles: 13

Major Events: 2023 CCA Nationals-Agility, 2024 CCA Nationals-Agility,

In 2017 we decided to add another pup to the team. Caryl started training Gibbs for Agility as well as still working with Ace. Ace starting becoming the star he was and we decided Caryl would focus on Ace and I would start running Gibbs. We were not sure how much longer Ziva was going to run so I would have a dog once we retired Ziva.

Gibbs enjoyed the Agility but we did have our road blocks. He also showed some timidness and was a challenge during training. As time went on he showed a lot of talent in the agility ring. He started to work towards his MACH in AKC earnong 12 double Q's but we struggled earning points. He was jumping 24 inch class with no issue jumping but was slow. Then Covid hit the Country and we last almost a year of trialing. Once we started trialing again we decided to drop Gibbs down to the Preferred level. This meant we had to start all over again with his double Q's and points.

Well that is when disaster struck, First Gibbs was stepped on and he showed a limp for awhile, We were then attacked in the ring at another trial and he shut down completely. I though our career in the ring was over. Caryl started working with Gibbs doing single jumps and drill working his way back to short sequences. We did get him back to running courses but we would have a mysterious limp and refusals to jump kept popping up. After numerous visits to our vet we decided to do a complete workup on him. WEll we did find he had a condition in his shoulder that would sjhow up in some performance dogs. We started a rehab procedure with him which kept him out of the ring for awhile.

Gibbs return to the ring was rough and for awhile we were not sure if he was going to be able to continue. With continued laser treatments and working with Gibbs confidence we seem to be on our path to a successful return to the ring. He has earned 5 Double Q's with 3 of them being Triple Q's and is well on his way to his required points.

Gibbs has also started a rally career earning his Novice and intermediate titles.He does show some stress yet in the ring so he will stay in intermediate for awhile while we work on the stress issues.

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